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Are hands "organic"?


I have a question regarding the way hands play out. I like to use this site to try many different styles, and some of them are definitely "outside the box". But since this is a training site, does the site "punish" you if you don't play the way they are trying to steer you towards? For example, if I play a hand in a very unique way, will I get rivered more often to "teach me a lesson"?

Does that make sense? Im not saying the RNG is faulty or whatever, I'm just asking if the site will punish you with horrible suckouts to teach you a lesson if you play a hand differently than the trainers would have play it.



  • AllenBlay

    Hi @tesla369
    Yes, that makes complete sense and I can see why you would wonder that. No, we don't do that. The hands are completely random and we don't program in any punishment or anything like that.

    I get questions like this a lot and I think sometimes it appears this way because you are playing so many more hands than usual that you see more situations that look like bad beats late in the hand. When you play real money, you really don't play many hands where you make it to the river. On our site, since you can insta-fold bad hands, you reach a ton more rivers and so it seems like there are more suck outs. But in reality everything works out on average.

    The one other thing I would say is that if a bad decision was made, the odds are greater than usual that you would lose the hand.


  • tesla369
    edited June 2020

    Ok, that makes sense. Thank you for your quick reply!

    Really enjoy the site. It has been a GREAT tool!

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