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Kenna James Inaugural Wednesday Tournament


I want to thank mcally711 for including me in the training session with Kenna James. mcally711 won the 1 hour of professional poker training with Kenna James by besting 116 other players looking to train with Kenna in the Inaugural Kenna James weekly tourney.
The session was informative, and it goes without saying Kenna was very personable, as he was throughout the tourney. Kenna did not try to push, brag, or make you feel he knew more than you, & did not come across as a know it all.
Kenna started by asking for what we wanted to learn before the session. He took the time to develop rapport while reviewing our list of poker wants.
Kenna then began to explain concepts of putting your focus on what you want to see or have happened, not on what you do not want to see or not have happened. “Whatever you resist persists”
We played a few hands so he could begin to understand our thought process, and off to school. We discussed attitude, and how confidence comes with knowledge. The importance of understanding how to organize your knowledge and provided a 4-point strategy to organize and use your new tools.
We reviewed the concept of opening hands and opponent ranges. Discussed how to evaluate your hands to determine your line. Began a discussion of bet sizing to increase value.
Began an especially important discussion of mental attentiveness. A lack of attention to the hand comes from confusion. The more you organize your knowledge, the greater the ability to make good decisions, the less confusion, the more attentive you become.
Great beginning session. I plan to develop a relationship with Kenna and improve my game. Kenna has impressed on me the need to find a mentor to train with to improve my game. This session was informative and enjoyable.
Thanks again to mcally711 for including me in his reward for a great win in Kenna’s first tourney. It was very productive to have mcalley711 to discuss and exchange ideas during the training session.
I look forward to playing with everyone next Wednesday.
Thanks, Kenna and mcally711,
PS… and APT for providing a great site and environment to learn poker.

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