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strategy limp early position


why use a strategy limp in early forlike hand to 34s to jqs and 22 to TT does is not preferable to raise like 78s+ or 89s+ and 66+ or 77+ and fold the bottom range and raise the bottom on Hj Co BU

Someone can explain better this strategy limp for me because when i go to another forum all the good player say don t limp exept strategy sb limp ?

i want to understand better this apt strategy ?


  • sarcasmes

    does anyone answer on this forum beacause two thread no answer and i really want to unerdstand how work apt strategy

  • AllenBlay

    I think your question would be better asked related to a specific hand and posted in the specific hand questions forum. There isn't really any way to answer the question you pose because all play is based on the specific scenario.


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