$1/$3 live cash game against fish and gamblers. What's expected?


Hi guys,
I play a 1/3 NL live cash game with really fishy players. It is not uncommon for 5 or 6 people to limp into a pot without anyone making a raise. In general, my strategy is to play a bit tighter and to punish the limpers with a pot sized bet. I have found however, that the raise doesn't really seem to thin the herd too much and I will often still have 2 or 3 callers. In general when this happens I am aggressive with my C-Bet and do fairly well.

My question is, with my tight aggressive strategy, I will slowly grind upwards with 30-50$ pots, but then one of the villains in the home run derby will smash the flop and I will lose 100$.

Is this just to be expected? I don't mind so much getting aces run down by kings or queens, but I really don't like when a fish calls 10-4 off then flops the boat.

Also, Is there a better way to play against these fish? It seems like they limp and flat call as though they are just paying an Ante to play.

I have tried to bet even larger, but if I get the first fish to call, then they all call and my equity plummets.

Thanks in advance


  • gsl996g
    Vs this type of players just stay the course by playing good sounds str8forward poker.
    Don’t bluff or make fancy play, you will get sucked out time to time, but in the long run you should be coming ahead vs this fish’s.
    Really punish them when you have the nuts or 2nd nuts, of just a top pairs or 2 pairs Proceed with caution.
    Hope it help, good luck.
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