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Create a "Logistics Orientation for Las Vegas WSOP 2020 First-timers?

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Good Morning. Greetings from San Antonio, Texas.

I am really enjoying the APT site. Thank you.

Playing in some of the WSOP events in Las Vegas has been a "bucket list" item for me. Now that I'm 71 and fully retired, that will be "checked off" this coming year - 2020. I'll certainly be at the Super Senior event and at least two others.

I have most of the WSOP 2018 and 2019 series on PokerGo and CBS All Access.

The "logistics" look somewhat daunting.

Please consider publishing a first-timers cheatsheet or advice list for the housekeeping and administrative navigation that will help us.

I'm not referring to any poker strategy at all. Things like -

  • registering and paying.
  • navigating the hallway crowds
  • finding your seat
  • common sense courtesy
  • "never do this"
  • meal breaks
  • parking
  • nearby places to stay
  • need for a jacket or sweater

Nothing fancy - just bullet points. Maybe ask others about their first timer experience and advice.

Just thought I'd ask.



  • pgearan

    Ed, this is a great idea! We have put it on our list to do a blog post this spring in advance of the WSOP.

    Just to respond lodging, definitely check out AirBnB which had some great properties available during the WSOP this year. My wife and I stayed in a nice apartment complex basically right across Flamingo Road from the Rio. We generally drove wherever, but you could have walked 5-10 minutes from the complex to the Rio. Lots of good options all over town, just stay to the West side of the Strip though so you don't have to cross it to get back and forth.

    A couple of quick other things:

    1) The back parking lots with an entrance off W. Twain Ave are closest to the convention center buildings where most events are held. But if you want covered parking to keep your car out of the sun there is a garage in from off of Flamingo.

    2) If you like Mexican food and want to pick up something quick go to take out window at Guy Fieri's El Burro Borracho. Good prices for quality quick Mexican food. They have sit down as well, but the take out window is a great time and cost-efficient option. Windo has a more limited menu but several good options still.

    I'm a big fan of WSOP, a lot of fun, and they do a fine job running such a big event. Hope to meet you next summer!

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