Supported Devices

If your browser or device is having any trouble displaying our Poker Game, you will find help here. The page below is divided into four sections:

What are the two versions of the Poker Game? ^Top

There are currently two versions of our poker game available. Both have the same features, with only minor differences as new features are added.

FLASH GAME This version works on Windows PC and Mac computers, both laptops and desktops. It requires that your internet browser has the Adobe Flash Player plug-in.
UNIVERSAL GAME This version works on mobile devices. You may also see this version on your laptop or desktop computer, if Adobe Flash is blocked or not installed.

Our Flash Game works on desktop and laptop computers, has been in development for nearly 10 years, and will give you an outstanding user experience in any browser that supports the Adobe Flash plugin. See the section How do I use the Adobe Flash Player on my Windows PC or Mac? below to fix this.

For the Universal Game, we are currently focusing on tablets, and not offering support on phones. However, many users have reported a good experience with the universal game on larger phones, such as the iPhone 6 and 7.

How can I tell which version I'm using? ^Top

When you're using the Universal Game, you'll see a screen similar to this one when the game first starts:

Otherwise, you are using the Flash Game.

How do I use the Adobe Flash Player on my Windows PC or Mac? ^Top

On your Windows PC or Mac computer, many of our users still prefer the Adobe Flash version of our poker game. The link below is the best place to start, to ensure you have the Flash Player enabled in your browser:

Official Adobe Flash Player Help Page

(See below for additional instructions for the Microsoft Edge Browser)

Please note that Adobe Flash does not work on most mobile devices . You will automatically see our Universal Game from your mobile device, except in rare cases such as when you are using a custom browser that supports Flash, e.g. the Photon browser.

If Flash is installed, but you are seeing the Universal Game, this usually means your browser is blocking Flash. Sometimes the browser will display a message asking you to confirm you want to use Flash. For example, here's how it looks on Firefox:

Here's how it looks on Safari for Mac:

If you're still having trouble, you can check this pages below for support on specific browsers:

Chrome Flash Player help page

Firefox Flash Player help page

Safari Flash Player help page

Internet Explorer Flash Player help page

Microsoft Edge Flash Player help page

What devices and browsers support the Universal Game? ^Top

Our Universal Game works well on a wide variety of platforms. However, due to the 100s of different devices and system configurations available today, we are currently only offering technical support on those listed below.

Laptops and Desktops (Windows and Mac)

If you choose to use the Universal Game on your laptop or desktop, we only offer tech support for Windows 7 or later, and Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

On Mac, support is limited to the latest version of the Safari browser, and Chrome.

On Windows, we support:

Mobile Devices

Support is offered for iPad and (newer) Android tablets, when using the following browsers. Tech support is currently not offered for phones, however, many users have reported a good experience on larger phones, such as the iPhone 6 and 7.