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Advanced Poker Training introduces the

The most powerful poker training tool EVER!

Not sure why you should raise? Click the Brain Button to see your virtual advisor's thought process.

Pre-flop, see how your advisor would play other similar starting hands.

See all the factors your advisor was considering when making their decision.

After the flop, check up on board characteristics that may affect your hand strength.

Press the "Show Range" button to see what hands your opponent might be holding.

Hands your opponent might hold are categorized. Multiple examples are shown -- click on any hand for more details.

See your exact probability of winning against specific hands your opponent might have.



 I liked this site since the first time I used it but now that you've added the BRAIN BUTTON I think my results will increase 3X! 

-- Ed W., Houston, TX

 Been waiting for this for a long time, this was the only thing missing from your site I can't thank you enough! 

-- Derek R., Norfolk, VA

 My thanks and congratulations on adding the new "Show Range" button. If I take the time to really dig into it, I think this will be a real game changer for me. Thanks from a grateful lifetime member. 

-- Frank N., Scottsdale, AZ

 I just want to let you guys know that I love the new Brain Button. You say you spent a year working on it, and I say time well spent so thank everyone from me. 

-- Clayton C., Toronto, ON, Canada

 I like the new board texture page you just added, plus then being able to hit "Show Range" and see the various flush and straight draw combinations and my win rate against those -- I showed this to my friends too they were impressed. 

-- Wayne H., Rochester, NY