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Poker Information Websites

Top 5 Poker Information Websites

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There is a lot of poker information out there. Various sites cover poker news, update tournament results, or offer poker strategy, products, and services. The problem is, search engines don’t do a great job of helping you separate which poker information sites have reliable information and which ones are just trying to grab page views.  For years, everyone at has been a serious poker player, and we each have our own favorite sites for news, site reviews, information, poker site data, and player data.  To make it easier for you, we have collected several of the most valuable poker information websites – the ones we use to get our information.  None of these sites are affiliates – they are just the ones we use. We hope you will find this list valuable.

Poker News – Instant live tournament updates

Poker News provides articles with the latest poker news, live reporting from tournaments, exclusive videos, podcasts and more. With over 3 million page views per month, Poker News is one of the most commonly accessed poker information portals. Poker News is particularly strong in the area of tournament and player news. Despite being currently owned by The Stars Group (of PokerStars), Poker News strives to maintain brand neutrality in their reporting.  During the WSOP main event, Poker News is one of the best places to go for instant stack and hand updates.

Beat the Fish – Poker room and site reviews

Beat the Fish is a comprehensive online poker review site. They offer unbiased reviews of online poker portals, practical strategy, and news of the poker world. Founded in 2005 by Josh H, Beat the Fish helps frustrated online poker players literally “beat the fish.” The site has reviewed more than 50 poker rooms, and contains almost 400 pages of content. They guarantee an unbiased approach to online room reviews, and a unique perspective on the industry.


Two Plus Two – Forum community and strategy

While Two Plus Two may be best known for their extensive and extremely active poker forums, they offer much more. Since their founding in 1987, they have published and sold over 2 million copies of poker books worldwide. They also offer PokerCast, a regular podcast covering poker news and strategy. Finally, Two Plus Two offers a monthly online strategy magazine including articles by Two Plus Two authors.

Card Player – The original poker news source

Founded in 1988, Card Player is the oldest poker magazine and online poker guide in existence. The magazine and site both offer poker strategy articles, news, and online poker room reviews. They also highlight poker professionals’ blogs and tweets,  videos, and cover major poker tournaments. Finally, they are a resource for poker player profiles and tournament poker results.

The Hendon Mob – Global Poker Index

So just how good are you and how good is your opponent?  Have you ever wondered whether the boastful guy across the tournament table is as good as he thinks he is? Look him up on The Hendon Mob.  There you’ll find player tournament results and rankings based on the Global Poker Index. The Global Poker Index tracks results for every poker tournament open to the public with at least 32 players. The Hendon Mob also offers tournament schedules and a discussion forum.  For information about specific poker players, this site is the ultimate gold mine

If you’re looking for poker news, strategy, reviews, or information, one of these poker information websites has you covered.


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