Want to work more bluffs into your game? How about taking it a step further and mastering brilliant bluffing?

A lot of players are adequate at pulling off basic bluffs, but only a few can say that they are truly good at bluffing.  Well, APT pro SplitSuit Sweeney is coming to the rescue. SplitSuit is offering an exclusive APT webinar on the topic of Brilliant Bluffing. In this webinar, he will share his approach for analyzing whether we are bluffing often enough, and explain his very own system for bluffing.

SplitSuit’s Background

James Sweeney began playing poker in high school, but really started to focus on the game in college. By the time he graduated from college he had already founded his website SplitSuit.com and was coaching others in how to play poker. After losing thousands on Full Tilt Poker following Black Friday, James decided to coach poker full time. In the years since, he has worked with over 500 students of all skill levels and specialties. He has also produced over 500 coaching videos (with more than 5 million views on YouTube), hosted podcast episodes with Red Chip Poker, and written several books. The books he has written or co-written include Dynamic Full Ring Poker: Beyond the Basics, Unfolding Poker, and Stop! 10 Things Good Poker Players Don’t Do.

Brilliant Bluffing Webinar Details

SplitSuit has been kind enough to share his expertise with APT users. He believes that most players bluff far too rarely. He feels these players are overly nitty when 3-betting, 4-betting, betting turns, barreling rivers, and when making postflop raises. James wants to help us all bluff better. In this webinar, he offers a behind-the-scenes-look at bluffing. He promises to show how bluffing ties together with value betting, to tell us how often we should be bluffing on each street, and to teach us how to make profitable adjustments on the fly.

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James ‘SplitSuit’ Sweeney will host this exclusive webinar on Thursday April 12th at 8:00pm EST. The webinar will last for 60-90 minutes. Advance registration is required, as access is limited. APT Users can register here.

I’ll be joining, as I am definitely not a brilliant bluffer at the moment. I hope to see you there as well!


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