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Spin-N-Go Training Has Arrived

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The Spin-N-Go is a relatively recent phenomenon in the online poker world. Combining both the strategic elements of short-stack poker and the randomized luck of slot machines, Spin-N-Gos have many fans. However, there are very few players who actually have a handle on a good strategy for these games. Steve Blay, founder and designer of Advanced Poker Training and Omaha Poker Training, saw a need to help players bridge this gap and develop more thoughtful and effective strategies.

Steve worked months with his programming team to evolve the new Spin-N-Go Training site into an elite and easy-to-use tool to get your Spin-N-Go game up to speed quickly. The site is so fun, you’ll want to be a member whether or not you intend to play Spin-N-Go tournaments on a real-money poker site.

What is a Spin-N-Go?

If you have never played, basically Spin-N-Gos involve a winner-take-all three-person single-table format where you start with a relatively small stack (usually 25 blinds) and play very short blind levels (usually 3 minutes). The particular attraction is the payouts, which are variable. Like a slot machine, potential payouts in any particular “spin” are generally small, but every once in a while you can play for a huge jackpot. So most of the time you’ll be playing for 2x your buy-in in a Spin-N-Go. But occasionally you’ll be playing for 3x or 5x your buy-in. If you get really lucky, you might be playing for hundreds or thousands of times your buy-in! And this promise is what makes Spin-N-Gos so darn fun.

How to Improve Your Spin-N-Go Skills

It’s probably apparent to most poker players that you need to play pretty aggressively in this format. But just how aggressively and exactly when is where most new players to the Spin-n-Go format come up short. Unlike slot machines, you can gain an edge on the game by being more skilled than your opponents. Understanding just how wide you should open your pre-flop range and when you should be shoving is an invaluable starting point. But then post-flop play becomes even trickier. Nearly any action brings a high likelihood that you will be playing for your whole stack. That can get the adrenaline really pumping. Our new Spin-N-Go site will help you learn while you have fun.

The new site also offers detailed reports on your play. In an instant you will learn where you are falling short across the various positions, on what hands you are showing better than average performance, and which leave you struggling. This loop of fun through focused practice and directed feedback is what has made APT and OPT so valuable to members through the years. Spin-N-Go Training promises no less.

Spin-N-Go Training Options

This site leverages many of the same advantages as Advanced Poker Training and Omaha Poker Training. First, there is high volume of practice in a short amount of time. You can play hundreds of hands an hour to immediately get a a feel for how these games play out. Next, you can play two modes: Competitive and Training. In the Competitive Mode, you are basically simulating a real life Spin-N-Go just with bots as opponents. You play each game down to the end. In this mode, you can still vary the stakes and ability of the opponents.

In Training mode you have a variety of options, including playing exclusively at one of the three positions, playing only certain hand types (e.g., playable hands, medium pocket pairs), and, again, varying the strength of your opponents. As part of Training mode you’ll also have the option to replay hands, tag hands for future review, and access coaching advice. Using the Training mode will allow you to really home in on key elements of play preparing you for the quick decisions you will need to make when playing a Spin-N-Go live.

Value of Training for Spin-N-Gos and Beyond

Many may think “well this is the ultimate poker bingo format”. While there is certainly luck involved, just like Sit-N-Gos there are approaches that can give you an edge. Additionally, there is a psychology for some players when they get the minimum 2x payout, to just get lazy. They want to quickly move on to the next game or focus on higher payouts if they are multi-tabling. If you can develop a solid, well-ingrained approach, and maintain focus, you can scoop games against these players. And you will see, as I have, that the Spin-N-Go format can be a huge amount of fun!

On top of making you a strong Spin-N-Go player, you’ll find the trainer prepares you for late stages of MTTs as well. Those last 2-3 tables are frequently shorthanded, low stack-depth, affairs. If you have mastered the aggression of Spin-N-Gos, with the all-or-nothing mindset of committing to a wider hand range, you’ll become a stronger late stage MTT player as well. Make no mistake, Spin-No-Gos are a lot of fun! But they can be profitable and skill-building as well.

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