We reviewed PokerGo a year ago, shortly after its launch as the carrier of WSOP final table action. That original review was lukewarm. I resisted the live stream format, had issues with the quality of commentating, and had serious technical problems with the stream. At the time, I was unsure whether I would renew my subscription at the end of the year. Well, the year is up, and I can report that I am now an ardent PokerGo fan. What changed? Everything.

I was initially put off by PokerGo’s format. I was an enthusiastic viewer of packaged poker, loving both the WPT and old style WSOP broadcasts. Thus I balked at having to watch the less exciting live stream. The reality is, that as much as I still love those packages, they are increasingly difficult to find. ESPN changed their WSOP Main Event coverage so that it is now mostly live as well. And those WPT packages have slid so far down the cable universe, that my cable provider no longer carries them. At the same time, the introduction of the shot clock and big blind ante formats in the past year have sped up the live game considerably.

On the other side of the equation, PokerGo has recently opened a gorgeous new studio outside the Aria. The studio has 8 tables (three of which have card readers), a commentator booth, and excellent optics. Last week, I watched large portions of the Super High Roller Bowl over 4 days. The week before I watched two WPT final table broadcasts, also held in the studio. Through all these broadcast, I was struck by how much PokerGo’s coverage has improved in just under a year.

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I am also glad to say that they have corrected their technical streaming issues. I can now seamlessly watch PokerGo on my laptop, IPad, or Television. PokerGo supports multiple casting options including Chromecast, Amazonfire, and Roku. Check their website for details.

PokerGo’s variety of programming is also steadily improving. In addition to a wide variety of WSOP events, PokerGo now carries the Super High Roller Bowl, Poker Masters, U.S. Poker Open, WPT Final Tables, and new episodes of Poker After Dark. They claim to carry 100 days of live poker a year. You can also access replays of these events, if you would rather not watch them live. IN addition, PokerGo has a number of poker related series. The Insiders series follows several players as they make their preparations for the Super High Roller Bowl.  The decidedly silly Poker Nights runs as a 6 mini-episode sit-com. If you find yourself feeling nostalgic, the PokerGo Vault holds back seasons of Poker After Dark, along with WSOP Main Events going back to 2011.

If you’d like to sample PokerGo during the WSOP, they do offer a free trial period. But be careful…you might just get addicted.


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