Spin-N-Go Training Has Arrived

The Spin-N-Go is a relatively recent phenomenon in the online poker world. Combining both the strategic elements of short-stack poker and the randomized luck of slot machines, Spin-N-Gos have many fans. However, there are very few players who actually have a handle on a good strategy for these games. Steve Blay, founder and designer […]

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You’re acting like a little entitled…

“You’re acting like a little entitled bitch right now.”

People ask me how to be mentally tough. People ask me how to keep sane while paying your bills from a gambling game.

But no one wants to hear the line I started this article with.

That is legitimately how I talk to myself when I’m getting heated. It’s […]

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APT GTO-Style Bots are About to Get Even Better!

I knew when I took on the task of creating the Advanced Poker Training GTO-Style bots that this was going to be a unique and collaborative process. Our team was thrilled with how the bots turned out for our recent Beta release. They play tough and the advisors give you insight into how GTO-style decision-making […]

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  • Run It Twice

To Run it Twice, or Not

On live streams you often see players “running it twice”, or maybe even three times, when there’s an all-in. If the all-in occurs on the turn, and the players agree to run it twice, two river cards will be dealt, and half the pot will be awarded to the winner of the hand using each […]

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2023 WSOP Schedule Highlights

This week, the WSOP released a first look at the 2023 WSOP Schedule in Las Vegas. A high point of every poker player’s year is that day when they can start to plan their next trip to the WSOP. The WSOP itself helpfully points out that they have published the preliminary schedule this year in […]

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  • Pay Attention!

Always Pay Attention

It’s always wise to pay attention when you play poker. Obviously, you need to pay attention when you are in a hand. But even when you are not in a hand, seemingly innocuous comments made by your opponents or others in the area may turn out to be useful later.

Recently, I played in a $400 […]

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  • poker is a fist fight

Poker is a Fist Fight

“I raise, and, of course, three people call.”

“I was in a multiway pot and sure enough some donkey sucked out and beat my aces.”

“If I bet this river and he raises I’ll just be so pissed.”


This is entitlement.

Every statement you just read? Those are entitled statements.

Don’t feel bad if you have ever uttered them. I’ve […]

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  • PokerfaceAsh PLO Hand

When You’re Playing PLO, Always Have a Backup

This is an instructive hand from the ladies’ live stream at Texas card house, shared by our friend PokerfaceAsh. Let’s watch the hand play out (an over $2000 pot!).

If you like that video, please visit PokerfaceAsh on Youtube and Subscribe […]

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Coming Soon: GTO bots and Advanced Advisors

I wanted to follow up on my last blog post and share with you a few screenshots showing how powerful our new “GTO-style” bots will be.

We’ve been working on these GTO bots for years now and are working toward a launch date of October 1st. The new bots will be included with your paid Advanced […]

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Two Major APT Announcements

It has been a while since we have made any major structural changes at APT. While we had a number of exciting changes in 2021, the early months of 2022 have been relatively quiet. It is true that we have had a number of great webinars and training packages to share with you in […]

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