5 Things You May Not Realize About the WSOP

This is our third visit to the World Series of Poker (WSOP), but the first where we have played any bracelet events. Over time we have noticed a number of “glitches” that we would not have expected going into such a storied event. Today, we thought we would share some of them with you.

Many of […]

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  • WSOP The Reunion

WSOP 2021 – The Reunion

Paul and I are very excited to be back in the thick of WSOP action after a two-year break. We are spending the month of October in Las Vegas playing a few WSOP events along with some tournaments at other card rooms around town. We arrived on Friday and immediately traveled to the Rio for […]

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  • Specific Poker Hands

How Not To Fall in Love with Specific Poker Hands

by APT Poker Coach Kenna James

It’s so easy to become enamored with specific poker hands. I have a friend who just adores 10-7 suited. You probably know someone who likes to play their birthday or perhaps 6♥-2♣ because they won a big pot with it once upon a time. Everyone has their favorite hands.

On the […]

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  • Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness in Tennis and Poker

I’ve been playing a “little” tennis lately. (Editor’s Note: Steve is obsessed with tennis. He plays seven days a week. It’s all he ever talks about.  He never shuts up.)

I’m amazed how two seemingly unrelated sports (tennis and poker) have so much in common. I’ve been annihilating tennis opponents left and right lately. And no, it isn’t because […]

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  • Alex Fitzgerald Continuation Bet

When Your Continuation Bet Gets Called

By Alex Fitzgerald, Featured Coach

Your continuation bet got called on the flop. Now, what do you do? This situation comes up all the time. Yet, strangely, people don’t really prepare for it. A lot of players aren’t sure quite what to do when they pre-flop raise an excellent hand (say AK), miss on the flop, […]

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  • WSOP Schedule

The 2021 WSOP Schedule is Here!

Ever since we learned back in April that the 2021 World Series of Poker would be live in the fall, we have been counting the days. There are currently just under 100 days to go until kick-off, by the way.

This week, the WSOP did us the kindness of publishing their schedule. As you might imagine, […]

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  • Alex's New Course

How to Make $50,000 in One Night – Part 2

By Alex Fitzgerald, Featured Coach

As I mentioned Monday, I am currently creating a video series on a recent big tournament win. It’s not for sale yet. I will be introducing it in a free webinar (sign up here) on Monday on Advanced Poker Training. In the meantime, I am sharing some tips to help you […]

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  • $50,000

How To Make $50,000 in One Night – Part 1

By Alex Fitzgerald, APT Featured Coach

I am currently creating a video series on a big tournament win. You will get to replay every hand in the tournament of any consequence. You will have to decide to play the hand preflop or fold it, and play every street on your own. If you can match me […]

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  • 2022 WSOP

The WSOP is Back!

Last week the World Series of Poker organization announced that the 2021 WSOP will be held live at the Rio All Suites Resort and Casino this fall. The series will run from September 30 through November 23rd. While little other information was released at this time, the poker world responded with great excitement.

In addition to […]

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  • Advanced Aggressive Plays

Three Advanced Aggressive Plays

By Alex Fitzgerald, Featured Coach

So, you’ve been killing it at No Limit Hold’em tournaments. You’ve learned which players you can exploit, and tried out some exploitative plays. Now you’re looking for some advanced aggressive plays to round out your game.

I’m proud of you. Staying patient, paying attention, avoiding weak cold calls with short stacks, and […]

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