New Hampshire poker rooms began opening in mid-June. New Hampshire does not have a statewide indoor mask requirement, but some cities within New Hampshire do (e.g., Nashua). And in early August, the Governor did modify the order to require masks for gatherings over 100 people. In effect, all, or almost all poker rooms then made face coverings mandatory.

Statewide, there is a limit of 6 players per table. With none of the large casinos in Massachusetts or Connecticut opening their poker rooms right now, New Hampshire currently stands alone in offering poker in New England. There are also currently low incidence rates of pandemic in New Hampshire and bordering states. This has fueled high activity in the New Hampshire poker rooms.

UPDATED: October 5, 2020

Aces and Eights Casino: Closed.

Boston Billiard Club & Casino: Open. Masks required. 6-handed. Shootout style tournaments (i.e. win your table to advance) on Mondays and Wednesday. 6 tables of 6-handed, so max of 36 players registering.

The Brook: Open. Masks required. 6-handed.

Chasers Poker Room: Open. Masks required. 6-handed.

Concord Casino: Open. 6-handed.

Dover Poker & Gaming: Open. Thursdays through Saturdays (3pm to midnight). Masks required. 6-handed.

Keene Casino: Open. Masks required. 6-handed.

Lakes Region Casino: Open. Holding Saturday tournaments at 12pm with varying buying and structures week-to-week.

Lebanon Poker Room: Open. 6-handed. Masks required.

Northwoods Casino. Open. 6-handed. Masks required.

Manchester Poker Room & Casino: Open. 6-handed. Masks required. Offering tournaments On Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday afternoons. Currently maxing out registration at 120 players.

The River Casino & Sports Bar: Open. Masks required.

Speakeasy Casino at Governor’s Inn: Open (although only open Wednesday evenings through Fridays). Masks required. Each of 3 nights, has a 6:30pm $60 tournament.