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GTO-Style MTT Bots Arrive at APT!

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After months of development, testing, and refinement, GTO-style (Game Theory Optimal) bots for multi-table tournament play have arrived at Advanced Poker Training. Today, the beta version of these bots is live on APT. Now you can choose between playing “human-like” bots or GTO-style MTT bots with the click of a button. The addition of GTO-style MTT bots will better prepare you to play against a wider range of tournament opponents. This training will be especially valuable when playing in World Series of Poker events, the World Poker Tour, or any other large tournament series. You will encounter more players utilizing GTO-based skills at these higher buy-ins and in more competitive events.

How to Access GTO-Style MTT Bots on APT

The integration of GTO-style bots into the current APT platform is seamless. Of course, first, you need to create a free account or log in to your existing account. Then, access the tournament options from the member page by clicking on the MTT icon:

The same pop-up window that you are familiar with will appear:

GTO-style MTT bot access

However, you will now see the new option for the beta version of GTO-style MTT play in the top right-hand corner:

By selecting GTO-Style you will unleash 250 new bots to play against and test your skills. You can configure the number of players in the tournament, starting stack, minutes in each level, and buy-in amounts as usual. You can also select from 4 skill levels: easy, medium, hard, and hardest. “Easy” GTO-style MTT bots may seem illogical. We’ve throttled the processing power down on these bots (kind of like using an old computer) and given them some “short circuits” here and there. With these bots, imagine playing against someone who has learned the principles of GTO-style, but just can’t execute at a high level yet.

Similar to our 9-max (i.e. cash play) GTO-style bots, you can click on the red “R” button to see your opponent’s range or your own range, and the action your advisor recommends with every hand in your range.

How Were These Bots Developed?

Just like in real tournament play, when stacks are deep and blinds long, early rounds of GTO-style MTT play in our simulator will mirror how GTO-style 9-Max deep stack bots would approach a hand. What we have worked on over the past several months is making the bots adjust their play correctly later in tournaments. Just as with any actual player implementing GTO principles, strategy changes greatly with stack depth. Among the situations we spent the most time refining were:

  • Adjustments for typical mid-stage tournament stack depths (about 25-60 big blinds)
  • Proper 3-betting and squeeze plays at stack depths of 12 to 25 big blinds
  • Shove/fold strategy for short stacks (from 0 to 12BB or so).  For example, here’s a screenshot of an open shove strategy from the hijack position with about 6 BBs left: 
GTO-Style MTT hand chart

Accessing these new tools on APT will provide insight into GTO-style MTT decision-making. As you train with these bots, you’ll find that your processing skills becoming more second nature. New understanding merged with high-volume practice will lead to mastery. You will now have the ability to counter and adapt, even against the best players.

APT’s Journey with GTO-Style Bots

As always, APT has developed these tools based on our customer feedback. In the past decade or so, Game Theory principles have taken hold of high-level poker strategy. Understanding GTO play, and gaining experience at it, alongside more exploitative strategies, creates a more well-rounded and dangerous poker player. Our members understand the need to develop new skills and keep up with poker as the game evolves. At APT, we are dedicated to making sure that every player optimizes their skills.

Our initial foray into adapting GTO principles resulted in the development of GTO-style bots for 9-Max ring games. Training bots both in No Limit Hold’Em at APT and in PLO at Omaha Poker Training was no easy feat. But all these challenges have paid off. Now with the NLH MTT beta version, we look forward to hearing from our members as we continue to evolve our GTO-style bots.

For all APT members who participated in the “Name Our Bots” contest, keep an eye open and maybe you’ll find YOUR bot in our game!

So buckle up (these bots won’t make it easy), and dive into GTO-style MTT play only at APT!

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