It has been a while since we have made any major structural changes at APT. While we had a number of exciting changes in 2021, the early months of 2022 have been relatively quiet. It is true that we have had a number of great webinars and training packages to share with you in the last few months, but we have not had a major announcement about the site capabilities. Well, that changes now.

My first exciting announcement is that we have been working literally for years now on a new version of the APT virtual opponents, better known as bots. I’m going to start this announcement by saying that nowhere are you going to hear me refer to our current bots as the “old” bots because they will continue to be tremendously important as a training tool.  Our current bots play like real human opponents. And, for the vast majority of us that don’t play Nosebleed high stakes, playing against bots that approximate the typical opponents you’re going to run into at your local Cardroom is exactly what we need.

New Bots

That being said, everything seems to be about solvers and GTO these days. So we have been secretly working on some GTO-style bots and they are getting very close to launch.

These bots are not going to be perfect from day one when we launch them. I have not solved the game of no limit hold’em, nor has anyone else. Nor will these bots play exactly the same strategy that you might get out of a solver program. However, there are two wonderful things about these bots that APT users have been requesting for a long time.

The first is that they play with a frequency-based approach, meaning they always think about their complete range of hands, and the complete range of hands their opponents are holding, and attempt to bet, raise, and defend at the proper frequencies.

The second thing is that you can actually see these frequencies in action. To be more specific, at any decision point in a hand, you can look at all of your opponent’s projected hand ranges. You can also see your own hand range, and your advisor will show you exactly which actions are recommended with various hands.

For example, when you’re facing a bet, you will be able to see precisely the hands with which your advisor is going to raise, call, or fold. This is a tremendous learning tool because it encourages you to go through the thought process of deciding why the advisor chose to raise with certain hands, and just call with others. “Ah, I see, that combination of Ace-King has the backdoor nut flush draw.”  That kind of thing.  Or, “Why did the advisor bluff catch with 88 instead of JJ here? Oh, I see now, 88 has a double blocker to the nut straight, whereas JJ does not.” In a future announcement I’ll post some pictures of the new GTO bots in action, so you can see the range display tools.

Spin N Go Training Announcement

Our second big announcement is that the folks who bring you Advanced Poker Training will also be launching a new Spin N Go training site later this year. Spin N Go tournaments offer an incredibly popular three player online turbo tournament format. They are called by different names on different sites, including “Jackpot Sit N Gos”, or “Spin N Gold”.  But whatever you call them, they are tremendously popular. And, given that they are three-handed short-stacked turbo events, the format lends itself well to analysis by computers. Most people that play these tournaments are just there to gamble and have no idea about the optimal strategy. So, we are putting together an entire site dedicated to training for Spin N Go tournaments.

It is still going to be a little while until the Spin N Go training site is ready. 

In the Meantime

We are happy to announce that the GTO bots for Advanced Poker Training will be ready in the upcoming weeks. These new bots will be included with your APT membership. When they are ready, we will house the Spin N Go training site separately with a different membership fee structure.

I’ll continue to update you here, but I know many of you are going to be excited to read this!

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