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The 3 Most Underappreciated Poker Skills

Underappreciated Poker Skills

We all know what poker skills most people appreciate: Sick reads. Sick bluffs. The ability to move chips around. But do you know what the most underappreciated poker skills are? Most people don’t realize that huge hero calls and bluffs don’t come up all that often. YouTube and television edit those hands together because they […]

4 Poker Myths Debunked!

4 poker myths

There are plenty of poker myths out there, but today we’re going to focus on the ones that can actually cost you money. Without further delay, let’s discuss some poker myths that we all need to stop believing: Poker Myth #1: You Have To Play The Highest Stakes To Be A Solid Player Many people […]

5 Common Tells to Spot a Bluff

Hero calling and being right is one of the greatest feelings in poker. That’s why everyone hero calls too much. To avoid calling too much, we need call only when we observe common tells to spot a bluff. Your opponents do not bluff enough. If you fold constantly to their postflop raises and river bets, […]

Top 10 Common Poker Mistakes

Top 10 Common Poker Mistakes

Hey everybody. This is Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald. I’m happy to be speaking to you. As the new head pro at Advanced Poker Training, my job is to get you to the next level. To accomplish that, I’m going to be sending you free strategy guides. These guides are designed to get you fast improvements in […]

Alex Fitzgerald Joins APT as Head Pro!

Alex Fitzgerald

Alex Fitzgerald, one of the most respected and accomplished figures in the world of poker coaching, is joining the (APT) team as our new Head Pro! I don’t need to introduce him – all of you already know Alex from his outstanding contributions to the world of poker education. As a highly regarded poker […]

Best Poker Training Sites for 2024

Best Poker Training Sites

As poker continues to evolve, so do the poker training sites designed to improve your game and get you a poker education. Poker training sites offer videos, workbooks and quizzes, live poker play, and even software that allows high volume practice. The scope of existing poker training sites reflects the reality that poker players, like […]

Will a GTO Trainer Make Me the Next Poker Legend?

APT Solver Range

Once every few months I find out there’s a new solver out there, with a “GTO Trainer” feature, that promises to give you a lucid path to poker greatness. This may sound exciting, but can they deliver on that promise? Advantages of a Solver Don’t get me wrong. Solvers have greatly advanced poker theory. We […]

What I Learned About Poker from TJ Cloutier

Paul G and TJ Cloutier

Paul and I have been traveling through Texas this month, visiting card rooms across the state. Recently we visited the Texas Card House in Dallas to play a Tuesday afternoon $130 tournament which drew 435 players, including one road gambler and Poker Hall of famer from Richardson, Texas by the name of TJ Cloutier. Not […]

Get Ready for the 2024 WSOP

WSOP 2024

Yesterday the WSOP organizing body finally released the schedule for the 2024 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. The 2024 WSOP will run from May 28th to July 17th and will include a full 99 bracelet events. For the third year in a row the series will be split between the Horseshoe Las Vegas […]

Relax: You’re Going to Make Some Poker Mistakes

I’ve played a LOT of poker in my day.  And yet, I still play a hand sub-optimally from time to time. Who am I kidding? It’s worse than that – I occasionally make catastrophic errors. Poker mistakes that cost me my entire stack. How can this be for the great Steamin’ Steve, regarded as one of […]

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