• 2021 WSOP

The WSOP is Back!

Last week the World Series of Poker organization announced that the 2021 WSOP will be held live at the Rio All Suites Resort and Casino this fall. The series will run from September 30 through November 23rd. While little other information was released at this time, the poker world responded with great excitement.

In addition to […]

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  • Advanced Aggressive Plays

Three Advanced Aggressive Plays

By Alex Fitzgerald, Featured Coach

So, you’ve been killing it at No Limit Hold’em tournaments. You’ve learned which players you can exploit, and tried out some exploitative plays. Now you’re looking for some advanced aggressive plays to round out your game.

I’m proud of you. Staying patient, paying attention, avoiding weak cold calls with short stacks, and […]

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  • Open Poker Rooms in California

Open Poker Rooms in California

Many poker rooms in California are closed indefinitely, and some may never reopen. Some rooms that opened over the summer closed in December due to new orders of Governor and local officials in response to the increased number of cases in the state. Now fewer rooms are open. For some rooms, it […]

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  • Five Best Exploitative Plays

Five Best Exploitative Plays for NL Holdem Tournament Players

By Alex Fitzgerald, featured coach

So, you’re playing No Limit Hold’em tournaments, and you want to make more money. Don’t we all? It can be done, but there is a method to doing so. You need to be current with the times. Pay attention to trends. Work hard to realize where people are imbalanced so you […]

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  • Four Most Profitable Players

The Four Player Types you can Exploit Profitably

By Alex Fitzgerald, featured coach. 

So, you’re playing No Limit Hold’em tournaments, and you want to make more money.

Don’t we all? There’s a method to doing so. You need to be paying attention to trends in the players. You need to be working to realize where people are imbalanced, so you can exploit them while the […]

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Poker’s Ideal Learning Zone

One of the most frustrating aspects of trying to get better at anything is seeing your knowledge outpace your performance. Poker players read books, watch videos, and observe pro players and can often clearly outline profitable techniques. Yet when they put their money on the line they struggle to execute, finding that doubt, anxiety, and […]

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  • 2021 WSOP

WSOP Announces 2020 Hybrid Main Event

This summer, once it was clear that COVID would prevent any sort of live World Series of Poker, the folks at the WSOP worked with GG Poker to put together a slate of online World Series offerings in the US and Europe. Notably missing from that collection was any sort of $10,000 Freeze Out […]

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  • Mike Sexton

Farewell to Mike Sexton

This weekend the poker world lost The Ambassador, the venerable Mike Sexton. Sexton passed away at age 72 from prostate cancer.

Crowning a single person as the foremost at anything generally provokes debate. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in the poker community who would debate that Mike Sexton was the first person they wanted […]

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  • New Hampshire Poker

Open Poker Rooms in New Hampshire

New Hampshire poker rooms began opening in mid-June. New Hampshire does not have a statewide indoor mask requirement, but some cities within New Hampshire do (e.g., Nashua). And in early August, the Governor did modify the order to require masks for gatherings over 100 people. In effect, all, or almost all poker rooms then made […]

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  • Open Poker Rooms in Florida

Open Poker Rooms in Florida

Florida was at the forefront of the movement to re-open poker rooms last spring, starting with rooms in western and northern Florida. We reviewed the initial push in an earlier post. Since then, other rooms have opened in other parts of Florida as well. Some of those, particularly in the Miami area, closed […]

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