Top 10 Poker Training Apps for Your iPhone

Poker players who want to become successful in Texas No-Limit Holdem require hours of hard training to improve their skills if they don't want to see their bankrolls fade away. To avoid this, you have to find reliable resources first. This article covers current iOS apps for iPhone with topics ranging from training to in-game advice for your next Texas Holdem game.
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The Psychology of Tilting: How to Keep Your Emotions in Check

In this article, you will learn to understand tilt, what triggers it and how you can deal with these triggers in a more productive way. We will also cover what you should do if you were unable to prevent tilting and which steps you should take the least amount of damage from it. We define tilt as anger combined with bad play. Once you are in an agitated mental state, making rational choices becomes incredibly difficult.
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Sizing Your Bets Properly: The Secret Art of Bet-Sizing

Not knowing how much money you should bet and raise is a very common mistake among beginners. If you want to shift from being a beginner at Texas No-Limit Holdem to a skilled poker player, you have to learn how to size your bets properly.
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The Importance of Texas Holdem Starting Hands

No-Limit Texas Holdem can be a frustrating game for beginners. They tend to make the same error over and over again, sometimes without even knowing what's wrong. One of the major mistakes of new players is playing too many hands. This can happen for various reasons: Becoming impatient, not wanting to look weak in front of their friends or just a vague feeling of being left out of the action. It could also be that they just don’t know any better. Today you will learn a very simple point system that was developed by Edward Hutchison, to help you make a better starting hand selection.
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