With both poker and technology continually evolving, poker software offerings are also continually changing. Ten years ago, there were few software options for the serious poker player. Today, poker software packages do everything from helping with hand selection and analysis, to training with sophisticated bot simulations, to watching pros play their game. Below we share the best poker software out there today.

PokerTracker 4 

Most online poker pros have PokerTracker 4, and, if you play online, you should too. All of the major poker websites are supported by PokerTracker 4. It is the top software tool for tracking hands played on online poker platforms, letting you look at your win rates with various hands. With the “Heads Up Display” (HUD) plug-in you can get information on your opponents while you play against them. PokerTracker 4 also offers a full set of reports, graphs, charts, and filters. It now features AutoNotes, designed by Shaun Deeb. AutoNotes feeds you the type of information that grinder Shaun Deeb himself takes on his competitors when he plays.

Advanced Poker Training

We would be remiss if we didn’t include AdvancedPokerTraining itself in this list of best poker software. APT is completely different from other poker training sites. It provides an online poker training software program that enables users to play up to 500 hands an hour against intelligent computerized opponents. It features in-depth training reports and weekly poker training plans that show you exactly where you should be targeting your efforts. “Beat the Pro” challenges set you up against poker pros such as Jonathan Little, Scott Clements, Kenna James, and many more. The Combat Trainer offers in-depth training on particular trouble spots, allowing you to attack leaks repeatedly until you have mastered them.

APT also offers GTO-style bots that you can play against in both cash and tournament play, as well as a rangefinder tool that will assist you in learning the right moves to optimize your GTO play. The Madness Cup allows you to compete each month against other members in a bracket style arrangement. At each level you play the same hands as your opponent to see who has the best performance to move forward and ultimately attempt to bring home the Madness Cup. APT also has a rapidly expanding suite of educational tools and resources. Another huge advantage of Advanced Poker Training is that no download is required and it works on all platforms including Macs and iPads.


Flopzilla is a popular poker calculator that helps you determine how a particular hand range hits a given board. You enter a given pre-flop range and a board and Flopzilla will tell you how often the range hits given hands (top pair, flush draw, etc.). This program is highly valued by players at all levels, and will help you internalize the math behind decisions better than almost any other tool out there.

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Poker Income Ultimate – Bankroll Tracker

Poker Income is the highest-rated poker income tracking app of all-time. While it has a very simple interface and is easy to use, Poker Income Ultimate offers all of the stats and graphs you need to keep track of where your poker dollars are being spent. You can also apply filters to analyze your poker outcomes across a wide variety of variables. Anyone seriously interested in tracking their poker bankroll would do well to download this software and use it consistently.


SnapShove is basically an automated shove/fold chart. The program helps you determine shoving and calling ranges. You can set the number of blinds remaining in your stack, your position, the number of players at the table, and the size of antes. SnapShove’s calculations are based on GTO, and the software is available both online and as an iPhone/Android app.

Poker Timer

Poker Timer by Birdsoft is a simple piece of software with a very basic function. This app allows you to set up the blind levels and alarms for your own poker home game. The interface is simple and intuitive, and the app is free. We use this app for our own kitchen table games and can vouch for both its simplicity and functionality.


Twitch was originally designed for video gamers. Today, the streaming video site is rapidly emerging as a place to watch your favorite players share their poker experiences in real time. Players such as Pokerface Ash, Jason Somerville, and Jamie Staples share their experiences playing online poker and in live games. Players on Twitch also offer poker tutorials and training videos.

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