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Best Poker Books of 2018

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As 2018 draws to a close we share the best poker books to be published this year. 2018 was a bit thin on new poker books, but we can vouch for these four.

The Pursuit of Poker Success: Learn from 50 of the World’s Best Poker Players by Lance Bradley. Bradley is the Editor-in-Chief of and previous Editor of BLUFF Magazine. He has a long journalistic history of covering poker. In this book, he explores a variety of paths to poker success. Players discussed include WPT Champions, World Series of Poker bracelet winners, and successful online and cash players. In an interview format, Bradley presents the various paths these players found poker success.

Pulling the Trigger by Eli Elezra, Matan KrakowYoav Ronel, and Robbie Strazynski. This autobiography takes us back to Eli’s childhood in a rough Jerusalem neighborhood, through his service in the 1982 Israeli/Lebannon War, all the way to his illustrious poker career.

Elezra has had (and continues to have) a highly successful poker career, winning the World Poker Tour $10,000 no limit hold’em event at the 2004 Mirage Poker Showdown, and a number of WSOP cashes across a variety of games, including 3 bracelets. In this book, Eli also talks about some of the key hands that he has played in his career, and some of the famous opponents he has faced off against.

Exploitative Play in Live Poker: How to Manipulate your Opponents into Making Mistakes by Alexander Fitzgerald.  Alexander Fitzgerald’s latest book focuses on player decision-making. This book teaches you to identify, and even set up, the circumstances where your opponents are more likely to make mistakes and how to exploit them when they do. Alexander teaches you techniques for attacking continuation bettors, overbetting, check-raising, three-barrelling, and others.

Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts by Annie Duke. Annie Duke, one of the most successful female poker players of all time is today a business consultant. Relying on the knowledge and skills she learned playing poker, Annie teaches us about the science of uncertainty. While this is not strictly a poker book, it addresses situations that are certainly relevant to poker. The book draws on examples from poker, business, sports, and politics to share skills to help embrace uncertainty and make better decisions. Annie talks about “thinking in bets” to try to identify what you know and what you don’t, and to decide how to accept the challenges that life presents.

These are our Best Poker Books for 2018. Did we miss any? In the comments share yours!  Looking for more books? Check out our list of the Best poker books of 2017, and the 100 best poker books of all time!

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