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Steve Blay is a poker author, inventor, and the founder of Advanced Poker Training.
  • Alex Fitzgerald

Alex Fitzgerald Joins APT as Head Pro!

Alex Fitzgerald, one of the most respected and accomplished figures in the world of poker coaching, is joining the AdvancedPokerTraining.com (APT) team as our new Head Pro!

I don’t need to introduce him – all of you already know Alex from his outstanding contributions to the world of poker education. As a highly regarded poker coach, […]

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  • APT Solver Range

Will a GTO Trainer Make Me the Next Poker Legend?

Once every few months I find out there’s a new solver out there, with a “GTO Trainer” feature, that promises to give you a lucid path to poker greatness. This may sound exciting, but can they deliver on that promise?

Advantages of a Solver

Don’t get me wrong. Solvers have greatly advanced poker theory. We now know […]

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Relax: You’re Going to Make Some Poker Mistakes

I’ve played a LOT of poker in my day.  And yet, I still play a hand sub-optimally from time to time. Who am I kidding? It’s worse than that – I occasionally make catastrophic errors. Poker mistakes that cost me my entire stack.

How can this be for the great Steamin’ Steve, regarded as one of the […]

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What you’re not being told about GTO and Limping

Let me start by saying this: there are many exceptional poker players out there these day who own training sites, and I have no desire to challenge them all heads-up. Many of their lessons rely heavily on Game-Theory Optimal (GTO) play. But there are some things they are just dead wrong about when it comes […]

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Celebrating 400 Million Hands Against Our AI Bots

For 14 years (starting in 2009) Advanced Poker Training has been abuzz, with users playing a staggering 400 million hands against our AI virtual opponents. Our players hail from 175 different countries, and all walks of life. The achievement of 400 million hands played stands as a testament to the universal appeal and enduring fascination […]

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  • Ireland Poker

Ireland Poker AND HURLING Report

One of the things I enjoy most about traveling is finding new poker rooms. I collect a poker chip from each cardroom I visit (I haven’t counted recently, but I’ve got about 125 in my collection).  Poker is a game that unites people from all corners of the globe, and serves as a universal language […]

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  • Wishful Thinking

The Danger of Wishful Thinking

Today I want to talk about the difference between positive thinking and wishful thinking.

Positive thinking is beneficial, in life and in poker, as it helps cultivate confidence. When you approach the game with a positive attitude, it can enhance your decision-making abilities and overall performance.

Confidence in poker is important because it allows you to make […]

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In Memory of Doyle Brunson

I’m just getting word that the one and only “Godfather of Poker” passed away at 89 years old.  I don’t think there is anyone in the poker world who doesn’t owe a tremendous debt to this man. Whether you are in the poker business like I am, or just someone who enjoys the game, where […]

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  • GTO range analysis

APT GTO-Style Bots are About to Get Even Better!

I knew when I took on the task of creating the Advanced Poker Training GTO-Style bots that this was going to be a unique and collaborative process. Our team was thrilled with how the bots turned out for our recent Beta release. They play tough and the advisors give you insight into how GTO-style decision-making […]

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  • Run It Twice

To Run it Twice, or Not

On live streams you often see players “running it twice”, or maybe even three times, when there’s an all-in. If the all-in occurs on the turn, and the players agree to run it twice, two river cards will be dealt, and half the pot will be awarded to the winner of the hand using each […]

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