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Open Poker Rooms in Vegas

Open Poker Rooms in Vegas

Many casinos in Las Vegas opened months ago and progressively poker rooms have also begun opening. Mostly, poker rooms are offering cash games, but tournaments are becoming more common as well. As openings and safety requirements are changing frequently, please check the poker room’s website and/or call before heading out. Closed refers to the poker […]

Open Poker Rooms in the United States

Open Poker Rooms

As most states continue the march toward reduced restrictions, more poker rooms around the country are starting to open and many that were open are reducing their safety requirements. Thus we are no longer listing specific safety guidelines but focusing on whether the room is currently just holding cash games (noted as “cash only”) or […]

Florida Man Plays Poker Again

Florida Poker

Over the past two weeks, states have started re-opening business and social opportunities. While the vast majority of poker rooms in the United States remained closed, many, including some of the Las Vegas rooms are planning to test the waters shortly. Leading the pack in reviving live poker is the grand peninsula of Florida. Many […]

The Sheltered in Place Poker Player

Poker shelter in place

Just a few weeks ago, we published a post on precautions to take when considering playing in a live poker venue. Wow, that seems so long ago. Today most of us face life-altering restrictions on our choices, albeit in the service of the critical cause of keeping the most vulnerable among us safe. The team […]

Playing Poker in the Time of Coronavirus

Poker in the time of Coronavirus

The past few days have brought staggering announcements regarding attempts to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Some travel between the US and Europe has been suspended. Many colleges are closing campuses and moving to online coursework for the remainder of the semester. With the discovery of Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert’s contraction of […]

When to Break Up with GTO

down betting

The past decade has brought a wave of books, articles, and videos about applying Game Theory Optimal (GTO) strategy to poker. There are reams of mathematical calculations to support the potential usefulness of GTO-based poker play. There are also highly skilled professional players able to execute at least some of the strategies to positive effect. […]

2019 Advanced Poker Training WSOP Meet-N-Greet


The APT team has recently returned from our annual sojourn to the WSOP in the dry heat of Las Vegas.  The highlight of our trip was the APT Meet-N-Greet held at Tommy Rocker’s located near the Rio, the WSOP host casino.  APT members from all over the country attended. In fact, we even had international representation, […]

Kenna James Guides You Through Bubble Play

Tournament poker is full of tense and highly charged moments. And no stage of tournament play is more tense than the bubble. Playing for hours only to bust just short of cashing is profoundly frustrating. Conversely, the mental and physical relief felt after surviving a tournament bubble is rewarding in and of itself. Importantly, there […]

Early Tournament Poker Stages: What Are They Good For?

Early Poker Tournament Stages

Absolutely nothing? Does this paraphrase of Edwin Starr’s classic song War apply to tournament poker? Let’s see if you can relate to this experience. You’re in the first level of a 30 minute blind tournament where everyone starts with 200+ big blinds. In early position, you look down at AA, and raise 5x. You get […]

The Return of Moneymaker

Chris Moneymaker

The Moneymaker Effect.  Even the casual poker player or fan immediately knows the backstory and the impact of that phrase. One day a recreational player wins a $86 satellite into the WSOP Main Event, and ends up winning it all.  In the process, he defeats a couple of the biggest names in poker, and fuels […]

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