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GTO-Style MTT Bots Arrive at APT!

After months of development, testing, and refinement, GTO-style (Game Theory Optimal) bots for multi-table tournament play have arrived at Advanced Poker Training. Today, the beta version of these bots is live on APT. Now you can choose between playing “human-like” bots or GTO-style MTT bots with the click of a button. The addition of […]

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Hellmuth Wins His 17th WSOP Bracelet

This week, Phil Hellmuth did what he does better than anyone else: he won a World Series of Poker bracelet. Hellmuth raked in his 17th bracelet in Event #72 – a Super Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold’em event. Again, Hellmuth has 17 bracelets – more than anyone else in WSOP history. There is a 3-way tie […]

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Spin-N-Go Training Has Arrived

The Spin-N-Go is a relatively recent phenomenon in the online poker world. Combining both the strategic elements of short-stack poker and the randomized luck of slot machines, Spin-N-Gos have many fans. However, there are very few players who actually have a handle on a good strategy for these games. Steve Blay, founder and designer […]

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Vlogger Profile: PokerfaceAsh

Editor’s note: Below, you’ll find an article written by our blogger Paul Gearan, based on an interview he did with PokerfaceAsh, a popular YouTube vlogger and APT partner (I’m her biggest fan). In her most recent video, she flops a set of Jacks on her very first hand! After watching that video, if […]

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  • Open Poker Rooms in California

Open Poker Rooms in California

Many poker rooms in California are closed indefinitely, and some may never reopen. . For some rooms, it is difficult to assess whether they are open from information on their websites. Always call when in doubt. Here is the status of open poker rooms in California.

Updated June 13, 2021

500 Club Casino: Open.

Ace and […]

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Poker’s Ideal Learning Zone

One of the most frustrating aspects of trying to get better at anything is seeing your knowledge outpace your performance. Poker players read books, watch videos, and observe pro players and can often clearly outline profitable techniques. Yet when they put their money on the line they struggle to execute, finding that doubt, anxiety, and […]

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  • Mike Sexton

Farewell to Mike Sexton

This weekend the poker world lost The Ambassador, the venerable Mike Sexton. Sexton passed away at age 72 from prostate cancer.

Crowning a single person as the foremost at anything generally provokes debate. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in the poker community who would debate that Mike Sexton was the first person they wanted […]

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  • New Hampshire Poker

Open Poker Rooms in New Hampshire

New Hampshire poker rooms began opening in mid-June 2020. New Hampshire does not have a statewide indoor mask requirement, but some cities within New Hampshire do (e.g., Nashua) still do. Last month mask requirements and social distancing regulations were relaxed statewide.

While table size limits have been lifted, most poker rooms have chosen to keep cash […]

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  • Open Poker Rooms in Florida

Open Poker Rooms in Florida

Florida was at the forefront of the movement to re-open poker rooms last spring, starting with rooms in western and northern Florida. We reviewed the initial push in an earlier post. Since then, most Florida rooms have re-opened. Most rooms started with cash games and several are offering tournaments as well.

Below is […]

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  • Open Poker Rooms in Vegas

Open Poker Rooms in Vegas

Many casinos in Las Vegas opened months ago and progressively poker rooms have also begun opening. Mostly, poker rooms are offering cash games, but tournaments are becoming more common as well. As openings and safety requirements are changing frequently, please check the poker room’s website and/or call before heading out.

Closed refers to […]

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