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How I Won Big at the LAPC – Part 2

Lets jump into Day 2 of the tournament. If you missed my discussion of Day 1 of my recent big win at the LAPC, you can read it here.

LAPC Day 2

I came in to Day 2 of the LAPC with 33 big blinds.  I think I was 82nd out of 132 returning players. Again, I […]

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How I Won Big at the LAPC – Part 1

I recently topped a field of more than 1300 entries at Commerce Casino in Los Angeles to win their LAPC Classic Event for just over $241,000. This is now my biggest score in over a decade of playing professionally. When you see big wins like this, you think what it’s like to win that amount of money. The […]

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Dealing with a Poker Downswing

I have survived nearly 10 six figure downswings, up to this point in my poker career. It started in 2014 when I experienced my first 100k+ downswing. My hope is that you can use some of my experience and insights to get through your own downswings now or in the future. Because…make no mistake…the downswings […]

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Three Keys to Commitment in Poker

by Mike Wasserman

At the end of 2009, I committed to move into a training house to learn how to master 180 man sit n’ go’s. What did it take for me to make this decision? How could I give myself the greatest chance of success? I simply employed the three keys to commitment.

There are many […]

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The Making of a Poker Pro

How does someone go from being broke with no prospects and $1.75 in a PokerStars account to winning the Sunday Million 6 years later?  Read on to learn about Mike Wasserman’s journey from a poker hobbyist to a world class professional…

By Mike Wasserman

In 2015, I won the Sunday Million for $145,000.  It took years of […]

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