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Kenna’s Mystery Bounty Strategy Tips

Last month I successfully topped a 1,314 player field of a Wynn Las Vegas $600 Mystery Bounty Event, taking home the trophy, $51,566 in prize money, and $10,200 in bounties for a total of $61,766! APT founder Steve Blay asked me to share my thoughts about the Mystery Bounty format with our members. Below are […]

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“Tight is Right” said the Rock!

by APT Featured Coach Kenna James

In tournaments and higher stakes cash games, oftentimes we need to adjust our regular baseline strategy and play the player. This psychological approach to the game is what gives us a significant edge and can make the difference between cashing a tournament and winning it. Between a break-even player and […]

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  • Specific Poker Hands

How Not To Fall in Love with Specific Poker Hands

by APT Poker Coach Kenna James

It’s so easy to become enamored with specific poker hands. I have a friend who just adores 10-7 suited. You probably know someone who likes to play their birthday or perhaps 6♥-2♣ because they won a big pot with it once upon a time. Everyone has their favorite hands.

On the […]

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