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The 3 Most Underappreciated Poker Skills

Underappreciated Poker Skills

We all know what poker skills most people appreciate: Sick reads. Sick bluffs. The ability to move chips around. But do you know what the most underappreciated poker skills are? Most people don’t realize that huge hero calls and bluffs don’t come up all that often. YouTube and television edit those hands together because they […]

4 Poker Myths Debunked!

4 poker myths

There are plenty of poker myths out there, but today we’re going to focus on the ones that can actually cost you money. Without further delay, let’s discuss some poker myths that we all need to stop believing: Poker Myth #1: You Have To Play The Highest Stakes To Be A Solid Player Many people […]

5 Common Tells to Spot a Bluff

Hero calling and being right is one of the greatest feelings in poker. That’s why everyone hero calls too much. To avoid calling too much, we need call only when we observe common tells to spot a bluff. Your opponents do not bluff enough. If you fold constantly to their postflop raises and river bets, […]

Top 10 Common Poker Mistakes

Top 10 Common Poker Mistakes

Hey everybody. This is Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald. I’m happy to be speaking to you. As the new head pro at Advanced Poker Training, my job is to get you to the next level. To accomplish that, I’m going to be sending you free strategy guides. These guides are designed to get you fast improvements in […]

You’re acting like a little entitled…

bad beat

“You’re acting like a little entitled bitch right now.” People ask me how to be mentally tough. People ask me how to keep sane while paying your bills from a gambling game. But no one wants to hear the line I started this article with. That is legitimately how I talk to myself when I’m […]

Poker is a Fist Fight

poker is a fist fight

“I raise, and, of course, three people call.” “I was in a multiway pot and sure enough some donkey sucked out and beat my aces.” “If I bet this river and he raises I’ll just be so pissed.” Entitlement This is entitlement. Every statement you just read? Those are entitled statements. Don’t feel bad if […]

What to Wear When Playing Poker

I want you to imagine you are me. You are six feet tall and are a white male, clearly American. You have played poker professionally your entire adult life. The vast majority of your training has come from the online world. You are about to go play an Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) event in Black […]

When Your Continuation Bet Gets Called

Alex Fitzgerald Continuation Bet

By Alex Fitzgerald, Featured Coach Your continuation bet got called on the flop. Now, what do you do? This situation comes up all the time. Yet, strangely, people don’t really prepare for it. A lot of players aren’t sure quite what to do when they pre-flop raise an excellent hand (say AK), miss on the […]

How to Make $50,000 in One Night – Part 2

Alex's New Course

By Alex Fitzgerald, Featured Coach As I mentioned Monday, I am currently creating a video series on a recent big tournament win. It’s not for sale yet. I will be introducing it in a free webinar (sign up here) on Monday on Advanced Poker Training. In the meantime, I am sharing some tips to help […]

How To Make $50,000 in One Night – Part 1


By Alex Fitzgerald, APT Featured Coach I am currently creating a video series on a big tournament win. You will get to replay every hand in the tournament of any consequence. You will have to decide to play the hand preflop or fold it, and play every street on your own. If you can match […]

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