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The 7 Best Poker Training Resources

Picking a high-quality training resource is one of the most important decisions of any ambitious poker player. We give you our personal top 7 resource guide to get you started.

Blind Stealing Like A Ninja

Stealing the blinds in is an essential skill that is neglected by many players. Today we are looking at how Blind Stealing works and why it is so important.

Welcome Qui “TommyGun” Nguyen to Advanced Poker Training!

Qui "TommyGun" Nguyen

Welcome Qui “TommyGun” Nguyen to Advanced Poker Training! If you follow poker news, you know that TommyGun is playing for $8,000,000 next week in the WSOP Main Event Championship Final Table. The “November Nine” as they are called, have been training for 3 months to prepare for this big event. A recent article published on […]

We predict who will win the 2016 WSOP Main Event!

The November Nine will soon be battling it out in Las Vegas.  Who will win the 2016 WSOP Main Event?  Advanced Poker Training decided to run 100 simulations and see who came out on top. The Process We started by consulting with the folks at, who had personally interviewed each of the remaining players.  […]

7 Surprising Traits of the Most Successful Poker Players

Professional Texas No-Limit Holdem poker players often have entirely different playing styles, yet they often share some universal characteristics that set them apart from losing players. Today we take a look at the seven most important traits.

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