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Alex Fitzgerald

Alex Fitzgerald Shares “Poker’s Most Important Thing”!

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Have you ever wanted to know what is truly critical to tournament poker success? I know I could use that!

Do some people just have more “talent” than others or can anyone be a successful poker player with enough practice? Once again, I’m rooting for the practice side of the fence.

We can all learn some of the answers to these questions in poker pro Alex Fitzgerald’s upcoming exclusive webinar “Poker’s Most Important Thing”.

Alex’s Background

Alex is a successful poker pro, coach, and writer with more than 25 significant tournament cashes across the past decade. He also is the author of The Myth of Poker Talent: Why Anyone Can Be a Great Poker Player. In the past Alex has been a regular contributor to Poker News, and Pocket Fives sharing his own personal approach to the game of poker.

Alex has taken quite an interesting path leading to and through his life in poker. According to the author bio for his book:

After running away from home during high school Alex worked as a commercial fisherman and security guard, till he found poker. While describing himself of average intelligence, Alex has been able to accrue more than $3,500,000+ in tournament earnings around the world, final tabling EPTs, multiple WCOOPs and FTOPs events, along with practically every regular tournament online. During his reign as poker tournament warhorse Alex has started a poker consultancy which serves more than 1,000 professional poker players in 60 countries. Constantly at work, Alex has published hundreds of training videos, articles, and webinars.

Webinar Details

Alex has generously offered to share his poker tournament knowledge with APT users. In the webinar, he will share his thoughts about the all-important question “How do we win more money?” These thoughts are based upon analytics that he fashioned after Billy Beane’s transformative approach to baseball as featured in the book Moneyball.

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Alex Fitzgerald will host this exclusive webinar on Friday February 9th at 8:30pm EST. The webinar will last for 90 minutes. Advance registration is required, as access is limited. APT Users can register here and view a brief introductory video.

I’ll be joining, looking for some wisdom I can work into my game. I hope you’ll be there as well!

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