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Alex Fitzgerald

Alex Fitzgerald Joins APT as Head Pro!

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Alex Fitzgerald, one of the most respected and accomplished figures in the world of poker coaching, is joining the (APT) team as our new Head Pro!

I don’t need to introduce him – all of you already know Alex from his outstanding contributions to the world of poker education. As a highly regarded poker coach, author, and player, Alex brings a wealth of expertise and insight to our platform. I’ve had the privilege of partnering with Alex for some time now, offering his renowned poker courses to our members. Today, I’m taking our collaboration to the next level by welcoming him as an integral part of the APT family.

Alex’s New Role

In his new role as Head Pro, Alex will be actively involved in shaping the future of APT’s training content and resources. In the short term, here’s what you can expect from Alex’s contributions:

  1. Weekly Strategy Articles: Alex will be sharing his expertise through exclusive strategy articles tailored to help you elevate your game. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your fundamentals or an experienced player striving to refine your strategies, Alex’s insights will provide guidance to players of all levels.
  2. Direction of Training Content: As Head Pro, Alex will play a pivotal role in guiding the development of APT’s training content. His vast experience and deep understanding of the game will ensure that our resources remain relevant, effective, and engaging for our members.

I couldn’t be more excited to have Alex on board, and I’m confident that his addition will further enrich the APT experience for all of you. His passion for poker and commitment to excellence perfectly align with our mission to empower players to reach their full potential at the tables.

Whether you’re a longtime member of the APT community or just joining us for the first time, I invite you to join me in welcoming Alex Fitzgerald to the team by leaving a comment here!

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Steve Blay

Steve Blay is a poker author, inventor, and the founder of Advanced Poker Training.

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