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Kenna James

Advanced Poker Training Welcomes Kenna James

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This week, Advanced Poker Training welcomes poker coach Kenna James to our group of poker pros.  Kenna brings a wealth of poker knowledge and experience to APT.  He is passionate about helping those who love poker improve their game in a way that brings them greater satisfaction. Kenna has extensive experience playing poker (with over $4 Million in live tournament winnings), poker coaching, and life coaching.  He is thus uniquely qualified to assist us in bringing poker training tools to our members and helping them to learn how to use those tools to their best advantage.

Kenna works “to motivate and inspire players to address their personal obstacles which prevent growth.” One barrier he confronts with his students is “a commitment to training and working away from the tables.”  Players want to get better but struggle to employ the disciplined training time needed to improve their skills. Kenna James sees this partnership with APT as an opportunity to help players do just that. To that end, Kenna has worked with APT to create six new combat trainer scenarios. These scenarios are designed to help players with their tournament game.

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Kenna James’ combat trainer scenarios cover tips for defending your blinds and coping with bullies at the table. Each scenario includes a video in which Kenna describes the concept being covered. Once you have watched the video, you can play and replay the scenario as often as you like until you are confident in your play in the given situation. Kenna’s videos not only give you advice and help you orient to the task at hand, they also help you learn how to use APT to evaluate your own progress and to find the resources you need to improve your play.

In thinking about designing these scenarios, Kenna explains “the problem is that many players’ tournament strategies are very general.  They plan to play tight early and open up the aggression later in the tournament, but specific strategies are missing.” Kenna notes that rarely do you hear a player make a specific plan like “I plan to flat early position raises with sub-premium hands and 3-bet middle and late position raisers with them.” Kenna believes that one of the great advantages of the Advanced Poker Training software is the ability to “see the results of different specific strategies quicker than you ever could in live play.”

Kenna looks forward to working with APT to help players start to think and plan their game in specifics. In the future, Kenna plans to work with APT to create more combat scenarios. He will also present a strategy webinar for APT members this winter. Kenna and APT look forward to a long and fruitful relationship. APT members will certainly reap the rewards.


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