The APT team has recently returned from our annual sojourn to the WSOP in the dry heat of Las Vegas.  The highlight of our trip was the APT Meet-N-Greet held at Tommy Rocker’s located near the Rio, the WSOP host casino.  APT members from all over the country attended. In fact, we even had international representation, as an APT member from New Zealand was there, having won a satellite entry into the WSOP Main Event. The casual and friendly environment of the meeting set a great tone for members of the APT community to share their thoughts and experiences.



Tommy Rocker’s provided APT a great, expansive backroom for our meeting. Members mingled and enjoyed the APT sponsored free buffet and beverages. Founders Steve and Allen Blay served as hosts and welcomed all attendees. Steve announced a major upcoming APT endeavor (stay tuned for more news). And poker strategy discussions abounded. There is little more enjoyable than in-depth poker discussions with knowledgeable and enthusiastic players. Several of us lingered well past the meeting closing time to continue these exchanges.



Professional player and coach Kenna James attended the Meet-N-Greet as well. Kenna addressed the assembled members, offering insight and hidden keys to winning tournaments. Kenna’s insights touched on undervalued aspects of winning poker. Beyond the need for good mechanics and strategy, the key issue of “success” in poker lies with more personal questions. Why do you play? What are your goals? What aspects of your personality or personal journey enhance or detract from ability to achieve those goals? Kenna expanded on some of these themes in his webinar this week and in his new training videos. After his presentation, Kenna dove into individual discussions of poker strategy with his trademark enthusiasm.




For anyone who has not made the summer pilgrimage, Las Vegas during the WSOP is well worth it.  Playing “spot the famous professional player” at the tables and in the halls of the Rio is a guilty pleasure not possible anywhere else. Several pros are very accommodating about selfies. Grab one of their books at the D&B Publishing booth, and you’ll likely be able to get it signed if you cross paths.

There are also plenty of options to play, even if your budget does not allow for entry into bracelet events. The Rio’s Daily Deepstacks come in at $200-$250, and get between 200 and 900 entries. Several other casinos, such as the Golden Nugget, Orleans, and Planet Hollywood, host a number of tournaments that fall into the $100-$200 range. Most of those get between 200 to 500 entries and have very good structures for those price points as well.

So next year please join us in Vegas in 2020 at the APT Meet-N-Greet!


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