Poker players who want to become successful in Texas No-Limit Holdem require hours of hard training to improve their skills if they don’t want to see their bankrolls fade away.

To avoid this, you have to find reliable resources first. This article covers current iOS apps for iPhone with topics ranging from training to in-game advice for your next Texas Holdem game.


1. PokerCruncher – Advanced – Poker Odds Calculator


An advanced hand ranges odds calculator that sometimes even goes beyond the famous PokerStove.

  • Super fast and easy to use for basic hand matchups
  • Advanced features like hand ranges and Deal-To-Flop and flop texture analysis for serious strategy analysis
  • Tutorial

2. PokerTimer


PokerTimer allows you to easily set up your ante, blind structure and breaks for your next real life poker game. It is easy to use and large enough to see from a distance. One of the best poker timer apps.

  • Beautiful glossy minimalist display
  • Show blinds, antes, and breaks
  • Two sound choices and vibrate for iPhone
  • Quickly add to or edit your blind structure
  • Pause at level end option
  • Option to keep system awake
  • Retina Display Support

3. Poker Income Pro – Bankroll Tracker


Poker Income Pro is a bankroll tracker that allows you to document all earnings and losses from your real life poker games. The app offers a variety of analysis tools.

  • Learn about your hourly rate for playing poker
  • Are you better at Texas Holdem, Black Jack or Omaha? Cash games or tournaments? Limit or No Limit?
  • Do you make more money in Casinos or home games? Which casinos?
  • Are there more fish on Friday or Saturday?
  • Are you better at short handed or full table?

4. Starting Hand Dashboard – Texas Holdem Poker Hand Analyzer, Trainer and Pre-Flop Odds Calculator


This tool can help you to analyze and learn the strength of your Texas Holdem starting hands (hole cards).

  • Tight/Loose Game Toggle
  • New Hand Button
  • Position Buttons
  • Facing Raise Buttons
  • Starting Hand Information
  • Hand Group
  • Hand Rank
  • Hand Rank %

5. Preflop Odds Memory Trainer


The Preflop Odds Memory Trainer allows you to train your memory for various starting hand combinations and their winning odds. This app helps you to:

  • Learn how to use the “Hand Groups” technique
  • Know when it’s time to add money to the pot
  • And when it’s time to get out quickly
  • Know how to avoid bad situation
  • Recognize opportunities and taking advantage of them

6. Poker School & Training


Poker School & Training will test various in game situations and award points based on the number of questions you answer correctly.

  • Test over 500 in game situations
  • Learn with over 50 strategy articles
  • Test your skills in Arcade mode

7. Poker Quiz – improve your poker skills


The questions of Poker Quiz are about specific hand situations. For example choosing the best hand on a dealt board. Poker Quiz has different levels and is suitable for beginners, experienced players, and professionals.

  • Compare your results with many other players around the world
  • Questions about concrete hand situations
  • In-App purchases are possible but not necessary to get all features

8. Cardshark Brain


Cardshark Brain is a toolbox of different analysis tools and calculators to evaluate if you made the correct choice or are about to make.

  • Rock-solid calculations tried and tested for accuracy
  • Hand Strength tool
  • Pot Odds Plus calculator
  • Odds Calculator
  • Expected Value (EV) Calculator
  • Post-Flop Analysis

9. PokerTube


The world’s largest Poker Media website has everything you need to follow the games that matter to you. Videos cover a wide variety of live and online games, PokerTube is a priceless resource for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

  • Browse videos by category & tournament
  • Latest news & updates from the poker world
  • Watch over 20,000 poker videos

10. PreflopAdvisor


The PreflopAdvisor gives you a precise advice on how to correctly play your hole cards in various preflop, bet and raise situations at a 6-max NL Hold’em table.
Preflop situations that are covered:

  • Open positions
  • Facing a raise
  • Facing a 3bet after your raise
  • Facing a 4bet after your 3bet
  • Squeeze from the blinds
  • Any pre- or postflop situation