• Poker tip jar

Tipping Points

The highly anticipated grudge match between Cate Hall and Mike Dentale has now spun off a new controversy because apparently no one initially tipped the dealers. Now, this particular event muddied the waters of responsibility because it was a charity event. James Guill covers the nuance well in the linked article, so I won’t go […]

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Top 6 Creature Comforts of an Ideal Poker Room

Poker rooms vary substantially in how they cater to the comfort of players. The venues themselves range from plush card rooms in casinos, to dedicated poker clubs, to smaller charity card rooms, and underground rooms. Each has its own unique set of features and services. Some have nice wide tables, ample space to walk around, and good lighting. […]

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  • Poker Player Types

Personas Non Grata

Player typing is covered in every beginner text on poker. In most texts, some version of a 2×2 matrix ranging from tight to loose and aggressive to passive is outlined.  In others, like Arnold Synder’s bible on how to play short format tournaments, The Poker Tournament Formula, a wide variety of sub-types are identified, from Ball-Cap Kids to […]

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  • The Protection Poker Action Clock

Taking Action on the Clock

Last year the WPT introduced an action clock for its Tournament of Champions. This new addition to the game was welcomed by many players tired of suffering through tables with a habitual slow player. Before finalizing their decision to use the clock, the WPT took a live poll of players at a different event to get their thoughts on the […]

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  • Tournament Structure: What's Your Platonic Ideal?

Tournament Structure: What’s Your Platonic Ideal?

Daily no limit hold’em tournaments have seemingly unlimited structures.  Among the poker rooms and casinos within a 2 hour drive from where I live in Massachusetts there are numerous options.  In a given week I can find a tournament that varies on pretty much any dimension: freeze-out vs. rebuy; add on sizes; blind levels from 15 […]

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Poker Players’ Other Talents

Last week I read that Vanessa Rousso is putting out an album, and is apparently one of Las Vegas’ top electronica DJs. This caused me to reflect on the number of top poker players that have found success in other venues. I’m not talking about those players who moved into poker after successful careers in other games like chess […]

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  • Four Queens

Top Four Reasons I Love Poker

I love poker. Even more, I love being a woman who plays poker. I enjoy tournaments, I enjoy cash, I’ve even been known to put my money down for the insanity of a live Sit ‘n’ Go.

Given my location in eastern New England, I mainly play in a local 25 table card room.  A couple of […]

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  • Johnathan Little

Bad Habits in the Face of Good Advice

A good poker book is always a gift. While I have read many that cover theory, math, and hand analysis, the ones I have found potentially most useful focus on enhancing the physical and mental approach to the game.

Recently I found myself nodding my head in hearty agreement with numerous excellent points made by Patricia Cardner and […]

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  • Online Poker

The Current State of Online Poker

Any poker player over the age of 25 (and some younger) remembers poker’s Black Friday.

On April 15, 2011 the lights went out on online poker as we knew and loved it. Some of us lost not only our in-home access to 24/7 poker, we also lost whatever money we had earned or invested in our […]

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  • Table Talk

To Speak or Forever Hold Your Tongue? Table Talk in Poker

Will Kassouf was a lightning rod at the WSOP Main Event this year due to a variety of tactics he employed, including his often painful slow and deliberate play. But what really got under the skin of some players, and many viewers, was his habit of talking to opponents during hands. While some, like his […]

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