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I can play up to 500 hands an hour, with no waiting for slow opponents.

“I Work on my Pocket Pairs”

Practice any hand you want, from any position, against 100 lifelike opponents.

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With no downloads to install, I can practice instantly from any computer.

“I get feedback on every move I make”

Get a play by play analysis of your game from any one of 20 different advisors.

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Play cash games (9 or 6 players), Sit-N-Go’s, even tournament final tables.

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No more just watching videos of other people playing poker!

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How It Works

Mike Caro, the world's foremost
authority on poker strategy.

“Advanced Poker Training provides the quickest path from average to world-class player!”

Mike Caro, Poker Legend, Chief Strategist for APT

APT joins forces with the Legendary “Mad Genius of Poker”!

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Training that adapts

Patented Dynamic Analysis helps you to improve 3 times faster

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What our customers are saying

“Beginning poker players will do themselves wonders by using this system, but there are also great features that will benefit online grinders playing small- and mid-stakes games.”

“Advanced Poker Training’s computer opponents use leading-edge technology to make their play totally realistic.”

What the pros are saying

“Advanced Poker Training is a revolution in poker training. I use it to train my own students, and now you can, too.”
Ron Rose, WSOP Gold Bracelet
Winner & 2-Time WPT Champion
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What the critics are saying

“My congratulations on a excellent idea and great product!”
Terry P.
Black Hawk, CO
“Thanks for continuing to invest in this amazing practice tool.”
David L.
New York, NY
“I'll recommend the site to others. It's helped me greatly.”
Adrian O.
Lak Si, Thailand
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